Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Alcoholic : Do you think I am doing wrong by eating a date?
Scholar : No.
Alcoholic : And if I ate it with some grass?
Scholar : There is nothing wrong with that.
Alcoholic : And if I were to wash them down with water?
Scholar : Drink and enjoy my brother.
Alcoholic : Since all of that is permissible, then why do you forbid us from alcohol which consists of the above mentioned ingredients?
Scholar : If I poured water on top of your head, would that hurt you?
Alcoholic : No it would not.
Scholar : And if I were to sprinkle some cement in that, would that hurt you?
Alcoholic : That would not harm me.
Scholar : But if I were to mix water and cement together and through process make a large a brick from those two elements, and then were I to throw that brick on you, would you be hurt?
Alcoholic : That would kill me!!!
Scholar : The same goes for alcohol.

“They asked you (O Muhammad) concerning alcoholic drink and gambling. Say “In them is a great sin and (some) benefits for men, but the sin of them is greater than their benefits..

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